Support for companies expanding into Vietnam

Overseas expansion
企業向けベトナム進出支援 - Overseas expansion

From the stage of considering entry to business development
We provide one-stop service.

Investment is progressing in Vietnam, which has the potential to become the center of Asia due to various factors such as being a country with a strong affinity for Japan. As the number of industrial parks increases and infrastructure development progresses, more and more companies are moving into Vietnam, mainly in the IT and manufacturing industries. In recent years, the expansion of retail and service industries has become noticeable due to the increase in national income. Our company provides expansion consulting services with a support system in both Japan and Vietnam through collaboration with law firms and other organizations.

Providing one-stop service

One-stop service

We provide optimal one-stop service with a wide range of carriers and know-how.

The procedures for expanding overseas, especially in Asia, are complex, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. In addition, after entering the country, it is necessary to prepare labor management, contracts, tax affairs, etc. in the local language, and incorrect procedures may lead to administrative penalties. At our company, we provide one-stop practical support to reduce various risks for customers when expanding into Vietnam and to efficiently proceed with procedures and system development.

  • Before entering the market
  • At the time of expansion
  • At the time of expansion
  • Information gathering → Advance decision
  • Procedures/Application/Registration
  • Start of business/operation
    • Consideration of partner companies
    • Collecting local information and market information
    • Consideration and decision of expansion plan
    • Human resources, recruitment
    • Office environment improvement
    • Sales system development
    • Personnel, adoption
    • Office environment improvement
    • Establishment of sales system
Our service
  • We will support the above concerns and issues through web conferences, provide information, and provide on-site support.
  • Our office provision and practical support (Vietnam)
  • Practical support through partnership with an accounting firm (Vietnam)












Customer's voice

Retail industry
Purpose of entering Vietnam: Expanding our products in Vietnam
  • Industry


  • Base area

    Head office: Tokyo Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh/Hanoi

  • Assignment

    Vietnam business expansion plan, investment profitability, market development, sales business alliance, production base development

I was able to complete almost all assignments smoothly.
We felt stuck in promoting our own plans and gathering information, so we asked them to participate in the project as external staff. The specific proposals and advice regarding expansion and the accuracy of the local information provided were impeccable, and we were able to proceed with almost all issues smoothly.

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